Module handbook

The Faculty of Biology offers a wide range of modules taught in English for international students. These modules cover many different topics from the molecular level to that of whole organisms, populations and ecosystems. Modules range from introductory courses (e.g. our Welcome module) to small challenging modules for advanced students (Advanced modules and Research modules). In the Research modules the students engage in current research projects and have the opportunity to contribute to the excellent research carried out at our university.

Module Level ECTS Availability Details

Welcome module

suited for all levels 5 End of summer semester (September) This module is suited for all levels.

Journal club

suited for all levels 5 Thursdays, 8:15 - 10:00 am + prep time During the weekly journal club, we will explore and critically evaluate current literature. We will discuss the general structure of research articles, the experimental design and the presented data. In each session a student will present a different article followed by a group discussion. During the journal club students will be introduced to different research methods and learn how to critically analyse scientific data.

Specialisation module

BSc 3rd year 10/module Winter semester

Advanced module

Advanced BSc level/MSc level 5/module Winter semester/summer semester The advanced modules are normally organised for a small group of students. Thereby the students will gain practical experience and theoretical knowledge enabling them to carry out a research project. The specific focus of the module is based on the current research of the hosting group.

Research module

Advanced BSc level/MSc level 10/module Winter semester/summer semester In the research module the students carry out a small supervised research project.